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The Rock of Guatapé, Colombia

 El Penon de Guatapé

Also known as Stone of Peñol (since this rock formation is claimed by both the bordering towns of Peñol and Guatapé) the Rock of Guatapé is a granitic monolith located in the Peñol - Guatapé reservoir, about 40 km East of Medellìn.

The rock is 200 meters high and it is surrounded by a magnificent lagoon, which is formed by the hydro-electric dam, built in the 1960-70s.

 Guatapé Lagoon

Visitors can reach the top of the rock climbing up the 650 steps on the stairway, enjoy the stunning view and visit two Benedictine monasteries.

Loktak Lake, India

Also known as the Floating Lake, the Loktak Lake, located in Bishnupur district of Manipur, about 50 km south of the city of Imphal, is the largest freshwater lake in North-Eastern India.

With a surface of 290 square kilometres, it is famous and unique for its floating islands named phumdis: masses of soil, organic matter and vegetation that hosts several species of animals and aquatic plants including the Sangai, a brow-antlered deer, state animal of Manipur.

Part of the lake houses the Keibul Lamjao National Park, the world’s only floating national park.

Playa Roja, Perù

Located in the Paracas National Reserve, in the region of Ica, Peru, between Punta Santa Maria and Playa Lagunillas, the Playa Roja is a stunning beach where the pink granodiorite rocks forms a unique landscape with red sandy beach and cliffs.